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An Air pruning pot works by having slots or holes in its walls along with a system of ribs or other devices to force the root to grow out of the slot or hole. When the root grows out of the slot into relatively dry air its tip is desiccated or “killed”. Once this first root is air pruned it loses its dominance and many secondary roots develop to replace it. These are then in turn air pruned and again they are replaced by even more roots. Air pruning therefore trains a root system with a very large quantity of young vigorous roots.

The simplest form of this is to simply make roots grow out of the drainage hole in the base of the cell. However, most of our containers have vertical side slots per cell which all air prune the roots up the side of the cell as well as on its base.

This is good as it creates a lot of secondary roots right up the side of the rootball. Great roots right up the rootball mean that after transplanting there are a much larger number of roots that quickly grow outwards giving the plant a great head start.

Here is a video shared by our Customer who purchased Air Pruning from us.


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23*28 CMS (10 LITRES), 35*55 CMS (50 LITRES), 30*18 CMS (10 LITRES), 35*28 CMS (25 LITRES), 30*28 CMS (18 LITRES), 30*38 CMS (25 LITRES), 35*18 CMS (15 LITRES), 35*38 CMS (35 LITRES), 23*18 CMS (6 LITRES), 23*38 CMS (15 LITRES), 15*18 CMS ( 3 LITRES)

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