Kitchen Waste Decomposer


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Bio Waste Decomposer
BIO WASTE DECOMPOSER CAPSULE is an unique product which is composed of group of effective
beneficial microbial inoculants like Protein degrading organisms, Phosphate solubilizing organisms, lipids
and fat solubilizing organisms, cellulose / hemicellulose solubilizing organisms and lignin degrading
organisms which uses organic matter as a food source during composting, which when applied on
agricultural wastes, fastens the decomposing process of organic matter and converts into a stable
amendments which improves soil quality and when mixed into soil, increases human content of soil and
promote good soil structure and improve water and nutrient­holding capacity. Theses micro organisms
accelerates composting and rapidly converts crop residues, animal wastes, dung and other waste in to
organic manure. It is inexpensive and effective technology for agricultural waste and crop residue
Useful in producing compost from plant residues. Useful in preventing various
diseases caused by seed borne pathogens by seed treatment. Capsules are
fortified with beneficial microbial inoculants such as N Fixing, P & Zn
Solubilizing, Potassium, mobilizing, Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PF)
and growth promoting antagonistic bioagents (TV) as a single formulation
which increases the efficiency of fertilization, soil health and fertility.
Method of Application
Bio Waste Decomposer it is advised to make a stock solution by using the ready capsule.
Method of stock solution preparation: Take 100 ltrs of water and dissolve 1 kg of jiggery in it and then dissolve 8-10 capsules in this solution and stir the solution and cover the drum with a cloth and allow the it for 2-3 days (stir the drum daily two times) after 3-4 days solution with be ready for use. Spray this solution on the plants residues/waste at the rate of 100 ltrs/acre of residues spread on the field (8 -10 cm thick layer) and maintain the field 60% moisture. After few days ( 10- 15 days) all residues will be converted in to organic manure.
For effective and beneficial use of the Bio decomposer repeat the same process on the
fresh pile of the residue spread over the above layer and turn the pile repeatedly at the
interval of 7 – 8 days to get good result.
For Kitchen waste manure use 1 capsule in 10 / ltrs of water and spray on the kitchen
waste and allow for 12 – 15 days to get manure.




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