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Micronutrient Liquid
BASEPLUS is a unique mixture of Micronutrient liquid fertilizer
specially formulated for foliar application.
Advantages of BASEPLUS
It is useful in synthesis of vital hormones associated with proliferation and elongation. Helps in stabilization and structural orientation of proteins and influences proper uptake of other micro and macro nutrients. Helps in improving and maintaining the texture of green leaves, regulating the ATP synthesis. Helps in formation of strong and hard nodes and internodes in plants. It protects the plant body against most diseases, biotic and
abiotic stress factors. For healthy and best result spray BASEPLUS with 15 to 20 days interval repeatedly.
Percent Nutrient: Zn ­ 3.0 %, Fe ­ 2.0%, Mn ­ 1.0%, B ­ 0.5%
Recommended Dosage: 500 ml Baseplus In 200 Ltr Water per acre.
Baseplus is Recommended for all Field Crops, Plantation Crops, Legumes, Fruits and Vegetable Crops.

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