Natural Pebbles | Natural Decorative White Stones White Decorative Pebbles -for Gardens, Vase Filler, Aquariums and Water Features


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Natural Pebbles
Pebble is a rock fragment which is smaller than a cobble. They are rounded and/or elliptical in shape. Due to erosion effect these rock fragments gets naturally tumble with flowing river water from mountains towards planes, making its surface smooth. A pebble is a clast of rock with a particle size of 4 to 64mm (0.16” to 2.52”) based on the udden-­wentworth scale of sedimentology.
We can use pebbles as mulch in your garden beds to repel weeds, sunlight, and erosion. An underwater landscape can be created using pebbles in different colors to demarcate different spaces or to highlight certain plants or features. Decorative pebbles are perfect for the finishing touch for pots and jars.

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