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Plant Growth Promoter Liquid
Plant Growth Promoters For Paddy an 100% organic solution, used as a Plant Growth Promoter. Roboost helps in improving seed germination. it darkens the leaves to increase the photosynthetic activity on spray. The use of Roboost has helped to increase the yield of Paddy, tomato, watermelon, brinjal, mango, tea, etc.
Dissolve Roboost 5 ml/Ltr of Water and soak paddy seeds for 24 h before sowing either in nursery or directly sowing in the field. Spray Roboost at 5 ml per liter of water before transplantation or 20 to 25 days after direct sowing. Spray Roboost at 5 ml/Ltr of water 15 days after transplantation. Spray Roboost at 10 ml/Ltr of water on 30th, 45th and 60th day after transplantation.


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